Even the best relationships can grow stale. Suppliers can become complacent, or your own business priorities change, meaning your IT project doesn’t receive enough attention.

We monitor performance to make sure relations with your IT supplier remain healthy and productive. We use a carefully developed relationship scorecard to track key metrics: the “hard” measures related to cost, responsiveness and quality of work; but also, very importantly, the relationship and behavioural factors – often, it is here that small problems become major issues.

Our experience helps us spot warning signs; diminishing trust or a breakdown in communication. But we look beyond symptoms to uncover underlying causes of problems. If timescales start to slip, is this a temporary blip or the result of a broader but hidden resourcing issue?

We can intervene in a timely and incisive way and limit potential damage. We’ll recommend remedial action where appropriate, and rescue a project to put it back on track.