ready to engage

IT suppliers want clarity. They like clients who know what they want and how they like to work with third parties. If you leave a supplier to second guess your needs, you’ll probably end up with an ill-fitting IT solution.

We ensure that you are prepared by helping you to put in place the following:

• IT roadmap – how does the supplier fit within your overall technology future? Engaging an IT supplier without an overall IT roadmap for your business is like hiring a house builder without any plans. If you know where you want to be in 12-24 months’ time, you can then have a sensible dialogue with potential suppliers.

• Supplier brief – this is the document that you will give to a potential supplier. It captures your high level requirements and includes not only what you need to be delivered but also how you expect to work with an IT supplier. This includes aspects such as communication and oversight, reporting, key roles and performance expectations.

These will help you to ensure that an IT supplier is a good fit within your overall plans and allow you to bring strong leadership to the process of selecting and engaging your suppliers.